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Community News Archive - September, 2004
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Sunday 5 September 2004
The Sims 2 Illustrated: TS2 Illustrated: 2nd Edition Published!
Written at 02:31 by Stash - 2 comments.
The Sims 2 Illustrated, an awesome online newspaper about The Sims 2, has published their second edition! The newspaper features articles, on web activites, BBS summaries, game information, community sites, game tips and much, much, more! In the newest edition (the second edition) the Web Showcase you can read about this site, The Sims Zone. That's right, we are the featured site in this edition! So surf over and read the new newspaper, and learn a lot about The Sims 2 and the Sims 2 community. You can visit TS2I by clicking here, or to go right to the newest edition click here.

Monday 6 September 2004
TheSimsChoice Forum: TheSimsChoice Forum: Version 2!
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To celebrate the releases of The Sims 2, TheSimsChoice Forum underwent a major change. Now Sim fans can enjoy the new and improved, TheSimsChoice Forum Version 2. The new version has a lot more than version 1, with all new layout, design, colors, and images. They plan to have more members, more discussion, more polls, more contests, more information, and more fun!

So, get ready for The Sims 2, and enjoy their forums. If you are not a member surf over and sign up - it is free and easy. It's one of the major leading Sims forums in the Sims community. Stop on by TheSimsChoice Forum and join in the fun today!

Thursday 16 September 2004
The Sims Resource: The Sims Resource Version 5!
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This week, The Sims Resource, the largest fansite on the web, has launched Version 5 with a whole new site design packed full of new, powerful features, including dynamic sorting and searching tools, a dedicated IRC Chat Network, new Featured Artists and more.

They have a lot of new features, including ranking, improved profiles, screenshot submissions/galleries and much more. They have stuff for the original Sims as well as The Sims 2. The Sims Resource has over 82 000 downloads for both Sims 1 and Sims 2, more than 1.2 million forum posts, and over 350 000 members. So surf over to The Sims Resource today and see what's happening.

Monday 27 September 2004
Simbolism: Simbolism Opens !
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A new Sims 2 content fansite has been developed, and is now open to the public. Surf over to Simbolism, and check out their collection of downloads for The Sims 2. They have tons of clothing for your sims, an awesome layout, and much more. So check them out today by clicking here.