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Community News Archive - September, 2003
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Friday 5 September 2003
The Sims Resource: TSR has been busy!
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The Sims Resource has been "very busy" lately. TSR has added many new features and parts to their all ready huge site. TSR now has a heads database, a new themes category with content and themed collections (from Holidays to Harry Potter), a "The Sims 2" forum, new artists, new sets with full size previews, and many more new features. Plus, on Monday TSR will announce new featured artists and launch their new competition, "September Screen". Check out The Sims Resource today!

Saturday 6 September 2003
The Sim's Stash: Stash Updates, but needs help!
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The Sim's Stash has just finished updating their site. All the 'areas' have been "cleaned-up", reorganized, and redesigned. Check out the library, arcade, community, events, and other sections. Plus the news archive is up and working better than ever. The Stash Master is working on updating and "fixing-up" the downloads section (which should be done this month). So look for new downloads soon. Also the home page will be getting tweaked this month too. The Sim's Stash is really making progress on updating their site. Good work!

Yet, along with all these updates the site is getting now, they are looking for help with the site. Below is just a portion of their "wish list" (things they need help with). If you feel you can help, please E-mail the Stash Master at Simsstash@yahoo.com. And check out the "Want to help this site?" post in the general section of their forums for the whole list of help items. The Sim's Stash is a great part of the Sims community (and an affiliate with this site) so please consider helping them out.

Things The Sim's Stash needs/wants help with
  • Makin' Magic Trivia Quiz
  • The Sims 2 Trivia Quiz
  • Double Deluxe, SimCity 4, and The Sims previews/reviews
  • Any ideas/suggestions for events
  • Any article, preview, editorial, guide or resource you want
  • People to visit/use their message boards
    Click here for more.

  • The Sims Channel: The Sims Channel is in the objects business!
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    The Sims Channel, has started making objects again. Surf over to their site, and while you're their checking out their allready awsome site, look at their downloads, and feel free to send them an e-mail telling them what you think. Right now their collection of objects is small, but it is growing. The Sims Channel has great Sims TV and commercials that you can watch, plus more! Check it out today!

    The Sims 2 Resource: The Sims 2 Resource updates
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    The Sims 2 Resource is the place for all you TS2 needs. They were highlighted by TheSims.com this week in the community update section, as Maxis said "Are you eager for anything and everything pertaining to The Sims 2? Well head on over to The Sims 2 Resource, a fan site completely devoted to the The Sims 2." Well all that is true, plus they have so much more. If you want anything from screen shots and videos, to news and reviews; TS2R has it all. TS2R has upgraded their site lately. And they have a newer look as well. Plus now you can now submit your own TS2 news to The Sims 2 Resource. They are still looking for people to become staffers, and they are always looking for new forum members, so surf on over and check it out.

    Thursday 11 September 2003
    Sim Gateway: Sim Gateway's new design
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    Sim Gateway got a brand new look and updated features! The now don't just cover The Sims anymore, but all the Sim Games and Tycoon Games. They have updated many parts and are working on more, like new forums, new layout, more affiliates, new chat, more polls, more staff and much more. Check out their new look and new features today, at SimGateway.com!

    Thursday 25 September 2003
    World Sims: TS2 Tech Center added to WorldSims
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    WorldSims.org announced the creation of a "The Sims 2 Tech Center". Because of the recent release of the preliminary TS2 system requirements by Maxis, people have had many questions about their current computer's ability to work with them. This Tech Center was created by WorldSims to allow users to ask all their TS2 computer questions. People who need help will be told of any computer upgrades need, given recommendations on products and places to buy them at the cheapest price. This Tech Center program will help current players and help get rid of any questions. WorldSims.org Tech Center is now open, so check it out.

    Tuesday 30 September 2003
    The Sim's Stash: The Sim's Stash and TheSimChoice Forums Merge!
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    The Sim's Stash and TheSimsChoice Forums are proud to announce a new forum system for their sites visitors. The Sim's Stash is now affiliated and working with TheSimsChoice Forum. The Stash Master, of The Sim's Stash, has teamed up with The SimsNewsMan, of TheSimsChoice Forum, to bring visitors the best forum community around. There will be more discusion, more fun, and of course, a lot more members! Due to The Sim's Stash and TheSimChoice Forum merge their is a catagory for the Forums, called "The Sim's Stash". In this area you can talk all about The Sim's Stash, read news about the site, post comments, questions, volunteer to help here, and more. So if you have questions, comments, ideas, or if you just want a place to meet new people, play games, and have fun, then TheSimsChoice Forum is the place for you. Plus, if you are interested in learing more about TheSimsChoice Forums and their webmaster, check out the special Q&A session The Sim's Stash had with SimNewsMan right here. So surf over to TSS and TSCF, register at the forums (don't worry it's free and easy), check it out, and post loads.