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Community News Archive - September, 2002
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Thursday 5 September 2002
The Sims TV Land: The Sims TV Land now open
Written at 02:56 by Carrie - 2 comments.
My website, The Sims TV Land has just opened. It is still under some construction, but some of the sections are already online. Hosting is also available for anyone who has a Sim/Tycoon related gaming website. The premiere of "The Diary of Liz Holsimer" on The Sims TV Land Network will be on September 13th, so be sure to stay tuned!

Sunday 22 September 2002
Frilly Sims: Frilly Sims: Head Meshes and More
Written at 23:37 by Jendea - 0 comments.
This site is new to me so I thought I would share. Great skins and heads as well as new head meshes for skinners. I will be posting heads and skins using the Frilly Sims meshes periodically to TSZ with permission from the Frilly Sims creator!