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Community News Archive - August, 2003
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Saturday 9 August 2003
SimBella's Guesthouses: House Decorating Contest (With prizes!)
Written at 22:52 by Steve - 0 comments.
SimBella's Guesthouses are running a competition to decorate a house. There are prizes for the winners of first, second and third place. The first place prize is the expansion pack of your choice for The Sims. You have the choice of two houses which you can download. You then have to decorate the house, but not any way you like; there are rules you must follow.

For full details of this competition, including the houses you can download, information about entering, prize information, rules and everything else you need to know visit SimBella's Guesthouses.

Monday 25 August 2003
The Sim's Stash: Chat with the Stash Master
Written at 06:23 by Stash - 0 comments.
The Sim's Stash has held some chat events with the Stash Master. The first of many Chat event, was held on Wednesday June 11, 2003. The event encluded a chat with The Stash Master. He talks about The Sims 2, being a webmaster, The Sim's Stash, and more about The Sims. All questions were submitted ahead of time by site visitors. The second time a Chat event was held on Wednesday August 6, 2003. The event encluded another little chat with The Stash Master. He talked about The Sims 2, Makin' Magic, The Sim's Stash, SimCity 4, Bustin' Out, and more . You can now read the transcripts in the events section of the Sim's Stash.

Chat #1 Transcript
Chat #2 Transcript

TheSimsChoice Forum: SimMedia Forums Merge With TheSimsChoice Forums!
Written at 06:31 by Stash - 0 comments.
TheSimsChoice Forum, had it's first merge. SimMedia decided to merge and move on into TheSimsChoice Forum. This means The SimsChoic will be more competitions, more fun and of course even more life and members! Due to the SimMedia merge, they opened up a NEW catagory for the Forums, called "SimMedia". So, please make SimMedia feel welcome, on TheSimsChoice Forums! Also, due to the merge, TheSimsChoice has decided to hire a NEW Admin for the Forums, and he works for SimMedia website, so please also feel free to welcome their newest Admin, SimMedia. For those people not familiar with TheSimsChoice Forums, the Forums are FREE and they will NEVER charge you money. TSCF is a great place to learn about the sims, share ideas, news, or just hang out and have fun.

Tuesday 26 August 2003
MadSims.net: Check out Madsims' phone support line!
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Do you have a question about The Sims? Tired of messageboards and e-mails to answer your questions? Madsims.net has started a telephone support line, where you can ask them about The Sims, The Sims 2, Sim City, other Sim games, or their site! Madsims phone support is a revolutionary addition to the Sims fan community. So think of a question and call them up!

The Madsims phone number is: 00 44 77 54 21 33 36

For more information check out MadSims.net today!

Wednesday 27 August 2003
SimSational Sim Games: the New and Improved SSG!
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SimSational Sim Games is open again. After a failed merger, they are back up and with a brand new design. Plus they now have their own forum back! Their is much more, but you'll just have to check out the site itself to find out about it all. The site is back and is still one of the better news site in the sim community. Sadly many of SSG's news reporters have vanished. So if you are intrested in becoming a news reporter for SSG, please contact the webmaster, Chris.

Thursday 28 August 2003
SimInsane: SimInsane Opens!
Written at 02:22 by Stash - 0 comments.
Siminsane has a new-look website with some brand new content. They have a brand new design and layout which is simple and easy to navigate. With community section, links, downloads, Sim Brother, and more Siminsane has it all! They have a growing staff and are currently looking for affiliates to make a network of sim releated sites. Check them out today! Check out Siminsane.com toady!

Friday 29 August 2003
MadSims: Apologies
Written at 21:50 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
From this place I'd like to apologise for the copyright issues that played between our affiliate MadSims and The Sims Zone. The Sims Zone made a mistake that should not have been made. However, we've been able to solve the problem together and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again.