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Community News Archive - July, 2004
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Thursday 22 July 2004
WorldSims: Chat about content theft / plagiarism
Written at 21:43 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
There have been various discussions recently about the theft and plagiarism by people using the Body Shop. The main discussion was started by Steve Bonham in the TSR Forums (see this thread and this thread). SimsNet, an alliance of several webmasters which discusses the issue, will be organising a chat next Saturday 24 July. The chat will be held in the WorldSims Chatrooms at 11am PST (7pm in Britain and Portugal, 8pm (20:00h) in most of Europe) and will last approximately 2 hours. In the chat the copyright issue of Sims 2 custom content, and ways to solve it, will be discussed. For now, Maxis has already said to extend the tooltip options in the next version of the Body Shop, so more credit can be given to the original author. They're still keeping silent about any other measures taken against theft and plagiarism, but it's been promised at least more will be done against it in the future. If you want to join the discussion, either check out the discussion at TSR, or join the chat this Saturday.