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Community News Archive - July, 2003
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Thursday 3 July 2003
The Sim's Stash: New affiliate
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We've affiliated with The Sim's Stash today. The Sim's Stash is a great resource for all your info about The Sims and other Maxis games. They have a big info library with all kinds of tips, hints, cheats, info and other things about The Sims. Although the site isn't too big yet, it's growing fast and it will be big sooner or later. Make sure you pay our new affiliate a visit so click right here. It'll be worth it.

SimGateway: Change in the top
Written at 22:31 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Our affiliate, SimGateway, has had a change at the top. The webmaster, Ted, has left the website (and the community), and sold his site to Bill. He's now taken over, is settling in and apparantly SGN will get a new coat soon too. A small gaming site, FleXanet got an exclusive interview with Ted, which you can read more about at their homepage. Unfortunately it's yet unknown what this means for hosted sites and the ad-free browsing, time will tell. It will not mean a break of affiliation as far as we're concerned, but we don't know yet if Bill decides differently. One of the first things Bill did was adding The Sims 2 to their online shop, which you can pre-order there for $49.99. We wish Bill (and the rest of the team) good luck in running SGN.

Wednesday 9 July 2003
The Sims Weekly: The end is near
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The Sims Weekly is going to shut down in August or September. The front page says so. They're still looking for a place to store their downloads. The exact reason behind the shutdown is unknown to us:
"I bet your wondering whats up. Well, the truth of the matter is . . . well there are a lot of truths to this matter. First I want to send my deepest apologies to sparky, who had just become a staff member here."
A different site, Sims2Center, seems to be ran by the same people though. At least the webmaster of The Sims Weekly refers to that one if you need to contact her, as her email address will stop working as well. We wish the people of The Sims Weekly good luck in the future.

Sunday 20 July 2003
KillerSims Lite: Freebies Site for KillerSims Launched
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The people of KillerSims have launched a new free site, KillerSims Lite. That site will provide freebies from KillerSims for those who for whatever reasons can't subscribe to SimsHost. You can download t.a.T.u. Skins, a computer for school kids, and a special mirror, amongst many other files from KillerSims. Along with the launch of the website, they've also started a new fan salute contest, of which we've seen one before. You can win a SimsHost subscription for 1 year. According to the site you have until 301 August to submit your photo, but that's a typo and should be 31 August. All KillerSims fans should visit this to get those downloads that have been unavailable for a while again.

Tuesday 22 July 2003
Site 19: New e-zine launched
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Site 19, a new e-zine about The Sims has launched. Each week they'll go through the community, highlighting the best from the web. In this week's first issue, they've posted about 5 sites, including this site. Site owners can submit their items to be posted in the next issue, simply by emailing the creator. A "Vote" option (poll?) will be coming soon, but they already have some forums. All comes in a yellow and red layout. It's worth to check out if you've been away a week and want to catch up on a few sites at once. Pay them a visit, and then you can decide if you like it for yourself too.