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Community News Archive - June, 2004
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Tuesday 8 June 2004
Sim Abyss: Sim Abyss: A New Media Site
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Sim Abyss is a fresh new site that is dedicated to The Sims. It plans on hosting many unique series based on The Sims. Sim Abyss will bring you classic series (like Sim Brother and survivor), in addition to new and original adaptions (like "Celebrity Stitch Up"). Watch out and stay tuned for more! To visit Sim Abyss click here.

The Sims 2 Website .Co.Uk: Fansite Awards!
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The Sims 2 Website .Co.Uk is holding a set of fansite awards. There are 5 polls, one for each awards that will be handed out. The voting concludes on the 30th of June, 2004.

This site, The Sims Zone, has been nominated in the following catagories: Best News Site, Best Site Content, Best Overall Site.

Please, don't forget to vote for us (and others) and get other people to vote too. To start voting, click here.

Tuesday 22 June 2004
Sim Media: Sim Media Returns!
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Sim Media has returned! The site, which was down and under construction before, is back and better than ever. There is a new look, you can select from 5 different designs to choose from. The site has new sections, such as newly organizing screenshots, a new downloads database, new forums, and the new simmies site.

And what would Sim Media be with out the media? Most of the SimTV shows have got a brand new design to fit in style with the website. As well as a finished Harry Potter SimTV story. Preparations are under way for the new series of Sim Brother as well as the new planned Media show called Whodunnit!

Well, what are you waiting for? Surf over to Sim Media today, by clicking here, and check out the new site.

The Sim's Stash: The New & Improved Sim's Stash is here!
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Since early 2002 "The Sim's Stash" has been bringing information and resources about The Sims computer and console franchises to the online community. Now, "The Sim's Stash" now has a brand new look, brand new features, a brand new host, and more! The bigger, better, and newly redesigned "The Sim's Stash" is here!

"The Sim's Stash" has had a huge make-over, and the new site features new sections, sub-sections and much more for visitors to explore. Some of the older features were brought back and there are a lot more new features, plus more new features to come in the upcoming weeks. Visitors should be sure to check the whole site out because everything has been updated. There are new articles and sections in the library, newly organized links, new cleaned-up SIM News archives, and more. Some of the "lost features" (like arcade and downloads) will return even bigger and better than before.

The biggest change to "The Sim's Stash" is it now have a new host and a new URL. The older "The Sim’s Stash" was hosted by "Yahoo! Geocities", which offered low bandwidth, pop-up ads, and low storage space. The new site is hosted by "HD Web Hosting" which offer a better service. "The Sim's Stash" has a new URL, which is http://www.SimsStash.uni.cc. Be sure to update your bookmarks, and web links to the new URL.

"The Sim's Stash" launched in March 2002. For more information on "The Sim's Stash", visit them here.

Friday 25 June 2004
The Sims Resource: The Sims Resource Hit a TS2 Milestone
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The Sims Resource has hit another milestone in The Sims community. The site, which hosts many "The Sims 2 Bodyshop" downloads, now has over 1,000 files available to download. All of these files are free to download, and are of great quality! Even though The Sims 2 is not released yet, you can already start stocking up from the huge TS2 download collection at The Sims Resource.