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Community News Archive - June, 2003
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Friday 6 June 2003
Sim Architect: And the awards go to...
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At the end of last month, SimArchitect has given their Annual Sims Awards. They gave away awards in 3 categories: one for Site Originality, one for New Designs, and one award for both. The six finalists were Ingela's Simhouse, The Sims Choice (formerly known as SimPeoples), Simulation Sims, JWM Sims, Sim Simmies and SCUK. The visitors of SimArchitect nominated those sites, voted for the winners, and here are the results:
  1. Simulation Sims
  2. The Sims Choice
  3. Ingela's Simhouse
We want to congratulate all the winners. For more information about these awards, visit Sim Architect.

Monday 9 June 2003
SimWardrobe: Superstar SimCategorizer
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Paladin has updated his little program SimCategorizer and made it Superstar compatible. That means you can now also make objects available in the new Studio Town. So if you downloaded some objects that you want to put in your studio town areas, then you should download it. But also if you make objects yourself, and want people to be able to use them there, then you should download it. The new version number is 3.5.1. The file is just 126 Kb big, so you don't have to wait that long. Besides that, the site's been updated with a new phone plugin: the stalker patrol, which if you call them will scare your obsessed fan away. Last but not least, there are some new stray proof doors, which will prevent stray pets from getting in your home, and a statue that will just make stray pets leave the area.

Wednesday 18 June 2003
Millennium Sims: Updated mirror available
Written at 00:00 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Millennium Sims has updated their mirror. It's not just a mirror, but a special one, simply because it has a lot of options. There are about 50 features, including making friends or falling in love (not you, your Sims!), improving skills, get in a great mood, increase interests, get a promotion or a star, or receive Vacation tickets (the ones you can buy prizes with). The full list of features is at this page. The mirror can be found in the Objects section, between the miscellaneous bunch. This new version has most bugs fixed (at least all known ones), but it won't automatically overwrite the old version(s) due to some necessary changes. If you have already installed an old version of the Magic Mirror, you'll need to delete it first.

Sunday 29 June 2003
The Sim's Stash: Another award for TSZ
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We've won another award, this time from The Sim's Stash! It's the award for "Best News Site", and it was given by you. The viewers of The Sim's Stash voted in several categories for what they thought was the best site in each category, and we became first in Best News. Second came Sim Sational Sim Games, and third The Sims Choice (which has now closed down because they were caught stealing other site's articles). We want to thank TSS for nominating us, and you for voting us as best news site. Thank you!