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Community News Archive - April, 2004
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Saturday 3 April 2004
Sim Programs: SimPaintShop Tool Released
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Sim Programs, a fansite dedicated to providing awesome tools and programs for The Sims, has released a new tool: SimPaintShop. SimPaintShop is a tool that lets you create new paintings based on templates found in The Sims. By using The Sims Transmogrifier, you can clone a painting, and use this new program to import any images you want to turn into a new painting. The program is similar to "The Sims: Art Studio" (by Maxis), but this tool has a wider selection of choices. Right now only Single-Tiled Paintings can be cloned and edited, but they are working on the ability to work on Multi-Tiled ones too. This tool is free, and easy to use. So surf over to Sim Programs, download this awesome tool, and start creating awesome paintings today!

Monday 19 April 2004
SimSational: SimSational New Design
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The popular Sim site, SimSational, has a new look! This site has everything current about The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims Console, The Sims Online SimCity, SimCoaster, and many other Maxis "Sim" games.

Also, they are no longer known as SimSational Sim Games (SSG), but are now just SimSational. They have new forums, new features, and a brand new layout, and design. Surf over to SimSational today (and in the future) to see all the great stuff they have to offer.