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Community News Archive - April, 2003
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Thursday 3 April 2003
SimUnzip: New program to install your files
Written at 01:39 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
A new program has appeared which will install your downloads for The Sims. It's called SimUnzip and apparantly it's made for our affiliate SimGateway. However, it hasn't showed up there yet because it's still in its beta (test) stage (version 0.90beta). This program can install your skins, objects, floors, wallpaper and houses directly in The Sims (still no roofs, however). It's about 1.7 MB big, and you can download it from this small page.

Thursday 10 April 2003
Real Simple Sims: Looking for new, yet old heads?
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A rather new site has been launched again. Although this site is already over a month old, I still want to mention it. Simply because this time it's one with quite scarce content: heads of slightly older women. If you're looking for a grandmother of your kids, this is probably the place to go. Here's a little quote from the website:
"My skins are intended to look lived in. There may be a couple of supermodels scattered here and there, but for the most part I hope to provide skins that look like real people that you see every day. Some of the faces will be gorgeous and some will have "nice personalities," just like real life."
Their heads look good, and are definately worth checking out. Why not head over to Real Simple Sims?

Saturday 12 April 2003
The FantaSims Tales: Skinning Contest
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If you're any good at skinning, and would like to win a prize with it, here's a nice oppurtunity for you. There are two categories you can win in: Fantasy Skin, and Fantasy Fan art. The first category involves making a new skin in one of these styles:
  • Victorian or historial Sim
  • Antropomorphic Sim (an animal-man/women Sim)
  • Winged Sim
  • Elf, vampire or other "non-human" Sim (other than an antropomorphic) Sim.

    So no regular skins allowed! You must make a skin that doesn't exist on any site yet, and you also have to make both a head and body. The other category, the art concept, involves designing a skin in one of the categories above. Instead of making it an actual skin, you only have to submit a design. If you win, it might be made into an actual skin. Entries are due 1 May 2003. More details, including all the rules, can be found here on FantaSims' Yahoo Group.

  • Wednesday 16 April 2003
    4 Ever Sims: New domain
    Written at 01:24 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    4 Ever Sims has moved to a new domain: http://www.4eversims.com. Their old url, http://www.4eversims.eu.tf, now redirects to that. 4 Ever Sims is a website that mainly creates room sets, i.e. a complete set of objects in similar style to decorate a room with. Besides with the 2 new affiliates they got (Naturally Sims and SimSoap), nothing has changed with the move of the domain name. Remember to update your bookmarks/favourites!

    Thursday 17 April 2003
    KillerSims: Fan Salute contest
    Written at 15:51 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    Do you love KillerSims? Here's your chance to show it and win something with it. There's a contest in which you can win a subscription at SimsHost (with $2.00 on the account, which covers approximately 57 Mb of downloads), or several downloads in your shopping cart. All you have to do is make a photo showing you love Killersims. You can do so by standing by a landmark holding a 'Killersims.com' sign, spraying the site's name huge on... something, or send in "a photo of the words KILLERSIMS sprayed on your dad's new Viper ". Anything to show you love them will do. No tinkering with graphics is allowed - it has to be a photograph. For all the details, visit this page.