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Community News Archive - March, 2004
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Monday 8 March 2004
SimMedia: Vote for the 2004 Simmies
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SimMedia is hosting their 2004 simmie awards! The Simmie Awards is where you vote for your favorite Sim fansites in different categories. Visit their voting page and place your votes today. Feel free to show your support to this site, The Sims Zone, which is nominated for Best News Site! The voting will close in July. Happy Voting!

Sunday 14 March 2004
Sim Estates: Spring Remodeling Contest
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Sim Estates and Natsky's Super Sim Shoppe are co-hosting a great house contest. They have created a Sim home that needs fixing up! This contest gives you a chance to show off your decorating and landscaping skills. They are also offering some great prizes for the winners. The first place winner will receive a 3 month subscription to Sim Snobs The first and second place runners ups will have their creations available for download on both hosting sites. This is sure to be a great contest. The deadline for submission is March 25th, so you may want to get started soon! For all the details, rules, and how to get started check out their contest page here. Good luck!

Monday 22 March 2004
The Sims Discovery: Discover ChEeTaH!
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Fellow Sim site The Sims Discovery recently interviewed ChEeTaH (the webmaster of this site). They talk about The Sims Zone, The Sims community, and more. You can check out the interview in the Discovery section of The Sims Discovery, or by clicking here.

Also, The Sims Discovery will be hosting a chat on the 10th of April, 2004. The chat will be held at 11:00 PM in the UK (3:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM Mountain, 5:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Eastern). The Sims Zone's webmaster, ChEeTaH, will also be attending the chat, and you should too! For more information check out The Sims Discovery.

Tuesday 23 March 2004
Sim Genius: The Next Chapter in Sims Soaps
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Sims Genius has posted the 5th episode in their Sims Soap serries. Surf over and check out the on going saga of the Digger family. If you haven't read the past episodes, you can still read them on their site. Do you enjoy crime, fame, school problems, and more? If so, check out Sims Genius' Sims Soaps today!