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Community News Archive - March, 2003
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Monday 17 March 2003
Sims Zone: 3 Years SimsZone.de
Written at 23:28 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
2 Days ago the german site with nearly the same name as us, Sims Zone, celebrated their third birthday. At 15 March 2000 this site launched and it has provided the community with lots of info, news, forums, and files through FileZone. They also have a huge index of links at SimKompass. They've posted a nice special, in the form of a newspaper. Included is an interview with the team, some pictures, and other articles about the site. It's nice for all those who understand the German, or can read through the English translators like AltaVista's babelfish generate from it. The 3 newspaper pages can be found right here