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Community News Archive - February, 2004
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Sunday 1 February 2004
WorldSims: New chat launched
Written at 19:20 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
There's news from our affiliate WorldSims again. This time, they've launched a brand new chatroom, after the old one was taken offline because of security concerns. If you like chatting about the Sims, then WorldSims is the place to go. If you want your own chatroom, then you can open up a temporary one for yourself whenever you're in the chat. Webmasters can get a permanent room, all they have to do is contact WorldSims for more information. It's all available for free, and any forum member will be able to access that chat. Visit Chat.WorldSims.org

Thursday 19 February 2004
Another Sims 2 Site: Relaunched on new domain
Written at 01:28 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Submitted by the "Another Sims 2 Site" webmaster:
"Another Sims 2 Site, has recently relaunched with a proper domain at Anothersims2site.com. Apart from offering the latest news on The Sims 2, Another Sims 2 Site offers the latest screenshots as well as downloads including unique desktop wallpapers, videos and programs- so don't forget to check them out."
Says it all doesn't it?

Saturday 28 February 2004
The Sims Exchange: The Sims X-change Closes!
Written at 02:12 by Stash - 0 comments.
Due to a problems with a virus, and other complications, The Sims fansite The Sims Exchange has closed. The Website's webmaster, MarketLeader, is thinking of creating a new website in the future. If he does create a new site it will be launched in March and April, and it will be based on Houses and archetechture. The Sims Exchange would like to thank everyone for their supporting the site and hopfully it will not be the end of MarketLeader's work in the Sim's community.