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Community News Archive - December, 2003
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Tuesday 2 December 2003
Alpine Sims: Alpine Sims Opens
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Their is a new site in town, Alpine Sims. From Downloads to Cheat Codes, this site plans to have it all. They have a team full of experts in The Sims. They have a forum, a batch of downloads (and more coming), tutorials, codes, and much more. Alpine Sims is also offering free web site hosting. They like to help sites with high bandwidth. Alpine Sims is was started by webmaster Ted, the founder of SimGateway (a beloved Sims site under new management and on the possible brink of closure). We would like to welcome Alpine Sims to the community. If you haven't visited yet, check out Alpine Sims today!

Thursday 4 December 2003
The Sims Discovery: The Sims Discovery Updates
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In August 2003,The Sims Discovery was launched. The site has now had a make-over, and has a band new look. They have downloads, reviews, tips & tricks, cheat codes, events and much more. The Sims Discovery also has a joint forum with The Sims Exchange Forum. The site is on the smaller side, but is growing fast. Surf on over and check out this great new site in the Sims community.

Saturday 6 December 2003
Sim Architect: Sim Architect - 2004 Sim Awards
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Sim Architect is holding their annual Sims Awards. They are down to 10 finalists in The 2004 Sims Awards. You can go and vote for the fansite you think are the best sims sites of the year. The 10 finalists are The Sim's Stash, Tollis SimGedohns, 4 Ever Simfantasy, Sims Generation, The Sims Lot Game, SimTopia, Suddenly Susan's Sim Stuff, The Sims Lot Game, The Sims Times, Simulation, and Weekly Sim Spotlight. Please visit and vote below the sites that you think are the best. Also Sim Architect, a site dedicated to bringing tons of lots and buildings for The Sims and the expansions, will have Magic Town lots avalible soon, so check back for those too. Check out Sim Architect buy clicking here!

Sunday 7 December 2003
The Sim's Stash: The New & Improved Sim's Stash
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The Sim's Stash has a new, updated version of their site now up and open for vistors. The Sim's Stash has new articles, games, new features, new downloads, and a new look. Pluse many more articles, games, and downloads are comming to the site in the couple of days.

Every article and game on The Sim's Stash has been looked over, updated, expanded, and changed. So if you've seen the site before, look again. Many new, and old articles will be posted weekly from now on. Also, as before, The Sim's Stash will work it's hardest to bring you the most up to date news on The Sims, The Sims Online, The Sims 2, SimCity, and more. Be sure to check back for daily news updates. Check out The Sim's Stash by click here today!

Monday 8 December 2003
Moni Sims: Moni Sims is Back!
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Moni's Sims is back online! Check out the new and improved Moni's Sims! The site has a brand new layout, new downloads, and much more. It doesn't have all of the old downloads though, but the selection and quality is unmatched. Moni's Sims is one of the best Sim sites for original downloads. I can't wait to see what the produce next, keep up the great work! Check out Moni's Sims today by clicking here!

Thursday 11 December 2003
The Sims WorkShop: The Sims WorkShop Opens!
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The Sims Resource has launched a sister site dedicated to the creative community around The Sims. The Sims WorkShop has active forums on all kinds of The Sims 1 and The Sims 2 creation discussions. They have a great program database full of helpful creation tools, plus a great collection of tutorials for anyone involved in making their own creations. Creators from all around the community can come to share and discuss their discoveries in their forums and (soon to come) chat room. If you are interested in editing and creating any type of content for The Sims you should check it out. Be sure to visit often as they add and create new The Sims 2 editing tools and guides.

Friday 19 December 2003
Sim Media: Sim Media's new design
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Sim Media has a brand new site design. The brand new design for Sim Media 2004 is their best yet! They have new features and content along with many of the old favorites. The new design has a complete new navigation system. There is a new section for webmasters (with still lots more things to add) full of resources and other features for Sim community webmasters. Plus they have new knowledge base entries, and still more to come. You can post in their forums, and also feel free to nominate your favorite fan site in the 2004 Simmies. Surf on over and check out Sim Media today by clicking here.