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Community News Archive - November, 2004
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Monday 1 November 2004
Simchaotics: Hacked & Recoloured Sims 2 Objects
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Simchaotics has the first known fan made hacked and recoloured objects for The Sims 2. Their hacked object, a painting that pushes up all Sims needs to the maximum, is very useful if your Sims are often tired or even depressed. Plus their recoloured Sims AlienWare computer (now in red) is a great addition to the game. Surf over to Simchaotics and check out their creations. They are taking the first step intoa huge world of TS2 object creating.

Tuesday 2 November 2004
Mod The Sims 2: Mod The Sims 2 Special Collections
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Mod the Sims 2 has released some special collections on their forums which enable you to buy weather, cars and reward objects. By downloading and installing these files into your Collections folder, mentioned features will be made available by buying the necessary objects through the collections. They're still in beta stage and might crash your game, so you should read the included warnings and back-up any data before using these collections, especially the weather. You can find the collections in the Downloads section and the forums (specifically the Beta Testers and General Modding forums).

The Sims 2 UK: The Sims 2 UK Tutorials and Downloads
Written at 23:01 by Stash - 1 comment.
The Sims 2 UK has added several new tutorials for The Sims 2, and a greatr collection of downloads. Houses, Community lots, clothing, make-up, genetics, and more; this site has it all. Check them out today to see their great, and growing, collection of TS2 information and items. Click here to vist them now.

Wednesday 3 November 2004
Totally SIM Crazy: Totally SIM Crazy - version 10
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Totally SIM Crazy went back online last month and is here to stay! The site has a great new design, new downloads in The Sims section of the site, and a huge addition of The Sims 2 section on the site. They also have an excellent forum, it's nice and active so feel free to sign up if you haven't already. Surf over and check them out at www.tcs2.co.uk.

Thursday 4 November 2004
Sim-Surplus: Sim-Surplus: Movies, and more!
Written at 00:39 by Stash - 1 comment.
Sim-Surplus, features forums, screenshots, download databases for The Sims and The Sims 2, plus much more. Their most unique feature is the fact that they have begun to host and share a great collection of The Sims 2 player created movies. These movies are entertaining and fun to watch. From comedy to drama, music videos to action; they have it all (and are growing fast). If you've created a movie, they even host movies made by visitors and other fans (contact them for details). This is a great place for Sims 2 film fans. The recently reached their 20,000 hit mark, and are expanding quickly. Surf over and check out Sim-Surplus today by click here.