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Community News Archive - November, 2003
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Tuesday 4 November 2003
SimsZone.de: Box Shot Contest results
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SimsZone.de has held a contest on their forums, where the users were asked to make their design for the box of The Sims 2. Because the two best ones got exactly the same amount of votes, there were two winners. There's no real prize except the privilege of calling yourself a winner, and finding the design in the screenshot index of The Sims 2 at Sims Zone. You can find the shots here and here. Congratulations to the winners.

Monday 10 November 2003
TheSimsChoice Forums: TheSimsChoice hits 500+
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TheSimsChoice Forum has been open for 6 months and they have gotten over 500 members to register! Over the past six months, TheSimsChoice Forum has merged with both SimMedia and The Sim's Stash forums/message boards. Check out TheSimsChoice Forum and all the fun they have discussing The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims Console, The Sims Online, SimCity, and many other games. They also talk about real life and have fun playing games. So check it out, sign up (it is free), keep coming back, and posting. Their next goal for is 1,000 members, and you can help them get it! Also be sure to catch their upcoming contests.

Thursday 13 November 2003
Sims 2 Talk: Sims 2 Talk
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Sims2talk.com, is just one of the many sites created in anticipation of The Sims 2. The site is a great community conversation place for TS2. They have a great TS2 forum system. In there you can talk about anything pretaining to The Sims 2, from asking questions about the game, reading news, and sharing thoughts. Also, aside from forums, they have a chat program that all their members can use. They recently added many avatars to their board's avatar gallery. These are great ways for members to express themselves to other fans. The site is growing fast, but needs member support. Surf over to Sims 2 Talk, register (it's free), and begin participating in the TS2 discussions!

SimSupreme: SimSupreme Closes - SimmingWorld Expands!
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The Sims community recently lost one of its best sites. After many years, Simsupreme has closed its site. The site was a big part of the online community, and will be greatly missed. SimSupreme was one of the UK’s more popular sim-sites, and was also a big affiliate with Simming World. After the closing, Simsupreme practically merged with their friend, Simmingworld.com. Thanks to SimSupreme for its great years of service to the community, but don't forget to check out Simmingworld.com for all kinds of Sim needs, along with SimSupreme's new home.

Sunday 16 November 2003
The Sims Resource: Info about CaSIE
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The Sims Resource has written a long article, which is the first of many, from San Francisco as well. They discuss the many options in CaSIE to create custom skins, and how it all works, like how to create new clothing, and how many you'll have to make. It's only a "Part I" article, which means a lot more news about CaSIE will follow sooner or later. Click here to check it out.

Similarly, a different fansite, WorldSims has also posted some information about CaSIE 2 days ago. You can read about their experience here in San Francisco on this page. Check out both articles if you want to know a lot!

Sunday 23 November 2003
The Sim's 2 University: The Sim's 2 University Events
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Not only Webmasters from our own The Sims Zone at Maxis' The Sim's 2 University, but Webmasters from The Sims Resource, The Sims Zone, The Well Dressed Sim, Sim Freaks, Secret Sims, 7 Deadly Sims, SimSational, World Sims, The Sims 2 Resource, Sim Stuff, Die Sims, and Killer Sims were all there too. This event has allowed many site have bring a lot of news, information, and articles to their site about TS2U.

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