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Community News Archive - October, 2004
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Monday 11 October 2004
Jendea's Simitecture: Jendea Closes; Sim Design Sisters opens
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At the end of last month, our affiliate and former TSZ staff member Jen announced her full retirement from the Sims community. Her site, Jendea's Simitecture has gone through a final and huge update. Over 70 rugs, walls, floors, and much more has been posted. Although the site will not be updated anymore, it will remain online so you can still download items from the site.

Most of the staff of Jendea's has moved over to a brand new site, Sim Design Sisters. There they will continue what they've done at Jendea's site until now: make creations for the Sims available for you to download. The site was launched a few days ago, but currently seems to be down. Visit them at SimDesignSisters.com whenever they're back up again.

The affiliation between TSZ and Jendea's will remain indefinitely.

Thursday 14 October 2004
Mod The Sims 2: Lots of Modding going on
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The guys over at Mod The Sims 2 are working hard to improve the gameplay experience for the Sims 2 - and every day new things are discovered! One thing that's already growing to be a big thing, is SimPE. It's a small package editing tool, that already allows you to change various values of your Sims, including age, relations, skills, aspiration, interests, zodiac sign, fatness, gender and the amount of money they have. Updates are released quickly after each other. Visit the SimPE site for more information. Note that this program is still in Alpha stage, and you should read included documentation and make a back-up of your files before using it.

Another tool, once made for SimCity 4, is also being upgraded. DarkMatter has released the first beta version of DatGen 0.70, almost a complete write of the previous 0.60 version. This time it's compatible with the Sims 2 as well, rather than just SimCity. This program too is in heavy development, and updates are posted regularly. For more details about DatGen, visit DatGen.info (click the arrows in the menu to expand the menu). The same as SimPE goes for this tool: make back-ups, and read any documentation before you start messing around in your files.

VelvetCube has also made something special available: long haircuts for male Sims. Basically they're the same as the female haircuts, but they can be used on men instead, although the alignment is a bit off sometimes. You can find them at this page in the official Exchange.

The forums is probably the busiest spot on Mod The Sims 2, and that's also where a lot of technical information when it comes to game mods and hacks is posted first. If you just want to look up some information, perhaps the WikiPedia will help you. You can also find some hacks, modding tools, skins and lots in the download section. For the central home of all this modding, check ModTheSims2.com.

Tuesday 26 October 2004
The Sims 2 Website: Sim Estates - Your Local Estate Agents
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The Sims 2 Website, a fansite for The Sims 2, has just recently opened a new section on their website called 'Sim Estates - Your Local Estate Agents'. This is a great collection of downloadable houses for The Sims 2. So far they only have 5 houses up for download, but the quailty is high, and more are being added as time goes by. Visitors can find the new section under 'Estate Agents'. So surf over today and check them out.

Wednesday 27 October 2004
The Sims Enhancer 2: The Sims Enhancer 2 is Here!
Written at 06:11 by Stash - 2 comments.
The Sims Enhacer 2 is here! Simenhancer was a very popular program to change things in the original The Sims game. Now Simenhancer 2 has been released. With this program, you can alter a great number of things in The Sims 2 like:

  • View characters in the game including the NPC's.
  • Change Character First Name, Family Name (last name), and Description (Bio).
  • Change Personality, skills, interests and aspiration.
  • Change Job, School, and Retired Job
  • Increase/Decrease relationships with other sims.
  • Change a characters Gender and Life Stage
  • Move member in and out of Households
  • And much more more.

    This is a great program for anyone who wants a little more control over their Sims. It's not free though. The program is $19.95, but you can download a 48 hour trial. To Learn more about the program to there website at TS2enhancer.com.