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Community News Archive - October, 2002
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Friday 11 October 2002
SimGames.co.uk: SimGames.co.uk closes
Written at 23:14 by ChEeTaH - 2 comments.
Our affiliate, SimGames.co.uk, site of our file manager Steve has been closed down officially. After it wasn't updated for months, there's now a message saying it's been closed down and most likely won't be updated anymore due to 'other commitments'. The link has been taken off our affiliates list as well. Just for the record: Steve will be staying with us managing the downloads. If SimGames ever goes live again, then we will tell you here.

Sunday 13 October 2002
SimGames.co.uk: SimGames.co.uk Reopens again
Written at 00:55 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Yesterday you could've read the news that SimGames.co.uk closed down. I also said, we'd tell you whenever it would reopen - if at all. And that's what this news post is about: SimGames has reopened and has been added again to the affiliates list (with about the same hits as what they had before they 'closed'). SimTiger will be doing the news updates there regularly, and Steve will do some updates every now and then. Now you can visit SimGames again, make sure you do.

Wednesday 16 October 2002
SimGateway: Host your TSO shop site
Written at 00:30 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
For everybody participating in the play test and everybody who will get TSO there's an interesting option at SimGateway now. You can host a small site for your shop to attract visitors and possible new staff to join your store. You get a banner-free site, but you're just not allowed to store any file downloads whatsoever. For a one-time-only fee of $15.95 you also get 5 pop-email addresses, a MySQL database and a forward-domain (yourdomain.com) for 1 year. Included in the free package is also a board on the SGN forums. For more information about this hosting package, click here.

Friday 18 October 2002
SimsCommunityCafe: 3 Site merge to SCC
Written at 01:06 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Coming soon is the SimsCommunityCafe. This site is the sum of SimsCommunityUpdate, 6VoltSims and CleosCrypt. These sites have merged to this new site. Webmasters can post updates about newly added files there, like in our Community Updates section. They are supposed to bring us a "new experience to your Sims inline with the upcoming public release of TheSimsOnline". The new site will be launching soon ("at a real host"). There will be lots of new content and goodies, as well as other stuff. A planned re-opening date has not yet been given. Keep checking SimsCommunityCafe to see when it's re-launched.

Saturday 19 October 2002
Simgames.co.uk: Site Closed
Written at 00:17 by Steve - 0 comments.
Yet again, after 6 days Simgames.co.uk has closed, but this time it will probably be closed for a very long time. There is now a message saying the site is offline, and the site is no longer accessable.
Although the site was only open for 6 days, I (Steve - the webmaster of Simgames.co.uk) have decided to take the site down again because, let's face it, it will never compair to The Sims Zone, so you may as well come here! Any contributions I have to make to the community will be put here, at TSZ, as I am a staff member here at the site.
Another reason for the site closing is that it is no longer "fun" to update. When someone gets bored doing something what they are doing, in this case updating a website, will become very bad quality, as you may have noticed from my lack of news posts at Simgames.
I feel it would be fairer to say Simgames.co.uk is closes and will stay closed until I do want to update it, and know it will be updated regularly, so it would be worth visiting. It is never good when you visit a site which has not been updated for months.
I will still be working as the downloads manager here at TSZ, so don't worry, I will still be contributing to the Simming community!

Saturday 26 October 2002
CTBX Online: Forum and community part launched
Written at 00:10 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
From the webmaster of CTBX Online:
"CTBX Online, the newest site devoted to the popular game The Sims, has recently opened its new forum/community. Visitors can join the community and download cool stuff for their game. Included in the community is a help and support forum as well as areas to mingle with other sim fans. A very cool feature is the ablility of the membership to submit their own creations to the site and have them published to the community."
To access their downloads you have to register, but as registration is free it's not much of a problem. Visit CTBX Online here.

Tuesday 29 October 2002
MadSims.net: MadSims opens again
Written at 23:25 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
MadSims merged with SimGateway some time ago. However, some of the team are still going on with MadSims as a separate site. Recently, they have reopened again, offering forums, free hosting, a top site list and more. As MadSims used to be our affiliates before they merged, we have no reaffiliated again. So go on, and pay them a visit.