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Simmie Awards: TSZ Wins Two Simmies!
SimMedia has given away 14 awards in their annual Simmie Awards, as well as a few special ones. The Sims Zone was nominated in 6 of those 14 categories. Where we lost to the host last year, we've won two awards this time: Best News Site and Best Old Site. There are our 6th and 7th awards so far, and as the space on the right is filling up a bit much, we've created an awards page, complete with acceptance speech and all, where we'll store all our awards. Thank you for all your voting, and congratulations to all the other winners (including our affiliate TSC2, which won the Best Site Design award). See the 05 Winners page for a list of all winners - and check out our awards below!

Written at 17:01 2005n Saturday, 10 December 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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