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SimLogical: Download leaves Objects at Home
Fansite SimLogical, famous for special downloads, has recently posted one which allows you to set if an objects should be left behind when a family moves out. Using this "Stay-Things Shrub", you no longer have to refurnish homes every time you move a family out of it, or you can finally keep those gravestones until the family moves out and they are sold. If you change your mind you can always change the setting again.

Other hacks available on this site are an experimental one to change the default length of the different ages, a pay toilet, an auto-refill patch for fridges, several doors which can be locked, teleporters, and a lot more. You can find them all on the Sims 2 page at SimLogical.

Written at 00:05 2005n Wednesday, 23 March 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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