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I'm Dutch and creator of 'The Neighborhood Handler', the Neighborhood managing utility for The Sims, 'The Add-on Handler' which installs and manages all your downloads, and the unsupported 'Sims2 Packer' which makes *.sims2skin files out of your Body Shop parts. I joined TheSimsFusion in June 2000 when they opened, after I sent The Neighborhood Handler to its webmaster, Matt. I've been promoted to Assistant-webmaster early October 2000, and became the webmaster March 2001. TheSimsFusion became The Sims Zone, and I've been running this place since then. Although I've also started to do most of the programming for this place, the design is still done by Matt and I can't run this site without the rest of the team!
I am the Manager here at "the zone".

As well as overseeing the editorial content and contributions to the site, I am the main Article Writer. I have reviewed all expansion packs for TS1, The Sims 2 and all expansion packs to date as well as having written various other articles and tutorials.

I have also created, presented and written five series of "Sim Brother". Although there are not plans for a sixth series due to the heavy demand on time and commitment required, I do have other ideas I am working on. Watch this space.

I also submit various creations from time to time and do take requests. Just don't expect them immediately as I do have an offline life as well, which can be demanding.

Dag dag!
Hello all! My name is MissWendy and I live in Wisconsin, USA. I have lived here for about 10 years, originally from Washington State. I am the mother of 2 wonderful children. I have been playing the Sims games since they first came out. I did my own recolors and wall designs for my game and personal use only, until this past year when I began posting on MTS2. To me there is nothing more relaxing and exciting than creating something new for the Sims. I look forward to any comments that you may have, or requests.
Hi! My name is Rosana. You may have heard of me before, or not. I'm the founder and webmiss at SNW (Simsnetwork/Simsnetwerk). I have made thousands of free downloads for Sims 1 & 2. There is not much I cannot make for the Sims games. I make skins, hairstyles, homes, walls, floors, roofs, objects, recolors (and the list grows longer and longer...). There's not much I can't or won't make :-) I will provide TSZ in the future with a few downloads every once in a while.

When I'm not busy with SNW, Sims or Spore, I occupy myself with a few other hobbies. I consider myself to be a webdesigner. I like photography and digital art. I craft a little. I also play the piano, but I am usually too busy so I don't play it often. I ♥ California and plan to live there someday with my family (ChEeTaH, Seth, Junior). I'm Seth's mommy. So he's the probably first famous Sims baby! If you want to know more about me, send me an email or go visit my website.

Happy Simming!

Hi all! I'm TammyB and I live in Tennessee in the US.

I have been creating sim homes since Sims 1 came out. As some of you know, I actually help my hubby in real life build spec and custom homes for a living. Many of my creations are based on real floor plans. I'm always looking for ideas to keep things fresh and interesting for the Sims.

Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome to the site. I'm looking forward to creating many things for the Sims. Special thanks to Andy who has really helped and inspired me as well!