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The Sims Deluxe - Reviewed
Scouring the internet for news late on a Wednesday, guess what I found? Only the first review of The Sims Deluxe! Well, maybe. The oddly named Gamenikki has a review of the new version of The Sims, and they actually rate it fairly highly. It scores nine out ten. However, they do have some views not a million miles away from those expressed on this very site:
'If you DONT own The Sims already, then this is a must-purchase. If you own just the original game, then I would still recommend the package because of the expansion pack, extras and a $10 rebate if you own the original. This would have the expansion pack and additional content (of which there is a nice amount) priced at a reasonable $25 or so. For gamers who own The Sims and Livin Large already, there is really no compelling reason to pay top dollar for essentially The Sims Creator, lots of new outfits and a few new objects. Yes, The Sims Deluxe Edition reeks of cash-in, but like the Malibu Stacy with just a new hat, you know youll buy it anyways.'
The full review is located here.

Written at 01:34 on Thursday, 26 September 2002 by Matthew.

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Written at 13:08 on Wednesday, 24 August 2011 by wwee

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