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New Patch introduces Dynamic Ad Functionality
A new Sims 3 patch was released today. It introduces various features seen in the Ambitions expansion pack (also released today), like the combined message UI, the Edit Town mode, and the ability to use patterns on ceilings. Game modifications (mods) also get some better support, as placing them in a special folder is now possible out of the box. More remarkable, however, is the support for dynamic advertising technologies by IGA Worldwide. The EULA of The Sims 3 contains information about this technology, specifically what data EA can collect. This includes IP address, which is removed after the game session, a unique installation/console ID number, how long, where in the game and from which angle advertisements are shown. To prevent ads from being shown and tracked, disconnecting from the Internet is the recommended option. The EULA does say no information to personally identify you is collected through this mechanism. Also there are currently no plans to actually use the technology, but with the patch it does become an option. This means we may be watching real-life advertisements from The Sims 3 games sooner or later. Further information can be found in the Update page. To download and install the patch, you can use your Sims 3 launcher.

Written at 00:02 on Wednesday, 2 June 2010 by ChEeTaH.

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