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Site Updates Archive - March 2009
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: Our Updates from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd March
Written at 11:28 2009n Tuesday 3 March 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Meshes

Mesh recolors

Object recolors


and many more....
: Our Updates from the 4th, 5th and 6th March
Written at 23:32 2009n Thursday 5 March 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Meshes

Mesh Recolors

Object Recolors


Sugah's Place: Sugahs Place Update - 3.06.09
Written at 19:10 2009n Friday 6 March 2009 by Sugah (Sugah_Sim).
Sugahs Place

*4 new Adult Male ensembles*
*2 new wallpaper sets with bonus matching carpet*
*3 gorgeous new Sim models by AF & Z*
*2 pretty lace dresses from Zayury*


Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 19:59 2009n Sunday 8 March 2009 by Nadiah.
New downloads for you today!

- 3 new cute dresses for todders (fem.)
- 6 new clothes for toddlers (masc.)

Find all clothes in downloads' section!
See you soon!
Thyme 2 Sim: March 14th Update
Written at 04:11 2009n Saturday 14 March 2009 by Donna (DLB923).

Our Update Includes:

~ Stylish Starter

~ Torcher Clam Shell Wall Sconce in White

~ Oh Mighty Prism Wall Lamps - 8 glass colors and 3 base colors

~ Chez Moi French Country Counters and Sumptuous Brasserie Barstool

~ Fusion Wall Lamps - 8 Glass colors and 2 base colors

~ Smitty Classy's Grand Opening Door - Birch and White

~ Fallen Leaves Walls

~ Smitty Classy's Glass and Grain Window - Birch and White

~ 101 Tiny Thyme Lane

: Our Updates from the 10th till 15th March
Written at 22:50 2009n Sunday 15 March 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Meshes

Mesh Recolors

Object Recolors


and many more....
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 11:56 2009n Monday 16 March 2009 by Nadiah.
Good morning everyone!

New clothes for you:

- Adults (masc.): 3 new
- Adults (fem.): 3 new
- Maternity: 3 new

Find all in downloads' section!
: Our Updates from the 16th till 18th March
Written at 23:37 2009n Tuesday 17 March 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Mesh Recolor

Object Recolor




Walls and Floors....
: Our Updates from the 19th till 21rst March
Written at 23:29 2009n Friday 20 March 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Meshes

Mesh Recolors

Lot and Terrains


and many more
Written at 16:26 2009n Saturday 21 March 2009 by Daryl (thesims2website).
Looking for a dedicated The Sims 3 website with all the lastest news and information? Look no more! Visit The Sims 3 Website today! We have all the information on the future release of The Sims 3, plus all the information you could want, plus downloads, for The Sims 2.

Visit us today! www.thesims3website.co.uk

: Our Updates from the 22nd till 24th March
Written at 23:21 2009n Monday 23 March 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Meshes

Object Recolors


Mesh Recolors

The Sims 3 Website: The Sims 3 Website Facebook Page!
Written at 20:58 2009n Thursday 26 March 2009 by Daryl (thesims2website).
Want to keep up-to-date with The Sims 3 whilst on Facebook? Become a fan of our new Facebook page! Become a fan today and post on our wall about how excited you are for the release of The Sims 3.

Simply follow the link and click "Fan":-


Sugah's Place: Sugah's Place Update - 3.27.09
Written at 03:46 2009n Saturday 28 March 2009 by Sugah (Sugah_Sim).
Sugah's Place

* 2 new living room sets *
- Amelia Softly Burnt Sienna & Very Tikki Aqua Batik -
* A lovely new Sim ~ Marissa *
* 1 Beach Bungalow *
- A cozy beach house - the first in a series of little beach abodes -

Thyme 2 Sim: March 28th Update
Written at 04:26 2009n Saturday 28 March 2009 by Donna (DLB923).

This week's update includes:

~ 118 Hazelwood Lane - two bedroom home with basement
~ The Glass House - two bedroom, modern starter
~ Leafed Walls in two pretty patterns
~ Rustic Area Rugs in four great designs
~ Pyramid Candles Base in Butternut, Nugmeg & Honeycomb
~ 102 Tiny Thyme Lane - one bedroom starter
~ Octothorp Atrium Windows in Birch & White
~ Towel Caddy and Towel Hangers in 10 new colors
~ Chez Moi Country Counters in Classic Oak
~ New Mesh! Qinto Wall Lamp, plus 3 cool recolors
~ Fire Dance Mats in three new colors

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 19:59 2009n Sunday 29 March 2009 by Nadiah.
Hello people!
New update:
- 3 new clothes for toddler (masc.)
- 2 new sims.
Find all in downloads' section.